Welcome to the 2020 AIIB Annual Meeting Media Registration Website

Members of the media are welcome to register to obtain accreditation to attend the 2020 AIIB Annual Meeting. To apply for accreditation, please complete the online registration form and provide the following:

  • Journalists: Valid press credentials (with photograph) issued by a national government or authority and a valid passport.
  • Freelancers (reporters and photographers): In addition to the above, please submit a letter of assignment written on the official letterhead of the media organization you represent. The letter must be signed by the assignment editor and it must indicate the name and duration of the assignment.
There is no charge for registration; however, participants are responsible for all their expenses. Registration closes on Friday, June 5, 2020, and only accredited media will be allowed entry. The Bank reserves the right to apply its discretion in the accreditation process and may ask for additional information. The accreditation process could take at least two weeks, so early application is encouraged.

About Visa
Please note that the visa application process is separate from registration and accreditation for the Annual Meeting. Successful registration for the Annual Meeting does not automatically guarantee entrance to China. Participants are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient time to fulfill necessary visa requirements to enter China. Information for visa application can be found here. For further details, please visit the website of the relevant Chinese Embassy or Consulate General.

For any questions about the media program, please contact AIIB’s Communications Department at media@aiib.org.

For further assistance, please contact the AIIB Registration Team:
Email: aiibregistration@regteam.com
Telephone: +44-1252-776377 or +86-18513802639

Please visit aiib.org for more information about the Annual Meeting.