2019 July 13 Saturday

Open Discussion: Sustainability in Infrastructure Development (Open Event)

Networking Area 1, ECCL


  • Provide a platform for networking and business development on environmental and social initiatives.
  • Support stakeholders to implement their obligations under national and international environmental and social agreements. 
  • To raise awareness of AIIB’s commitment towards sustainable development.  



Since its launch AIIB has attached great importance to sustainability and has been committed to assisting its member countries in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and commitments under the Paris Agreement. 


The Bank recognizes the importance of strengthening the global response to climate change while ensuring that infrastructure is inclusive and accessible. In addition, the Bank recognizes the importance of green economic growth and encourages making best use of green growth and low-carbon technologies, renewable energy, cleaner production, sustainable transport systems and sustainable urban development. 


Filling the infrastructure investment gap needed to achieve the SDGs will require participation by both private and public sector. This networking session during the Asian Infrastructure Forum offers an ideal occasion to stimulate information exchange and gather players in sustainable infrastructure development to explore opportunities for business development and investment that meets the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



Session Format and Structure

  • Unconference- 20 minutes
  • Ms. Courtney R. Lowrance, AIIB Principal Environment Specialist, Department of Strategy, Policy and Budget, will provide a brief overview of the Bank’s work on sustainable development. Afterwards, Ms. Lowrance will invite attendees to present their work on sustainability. The event aims at providing an open stage for participants to share their work on sustainable development. 


  • Open floor- 25 minutes
  • In the second part, attendees will be invited to freely assemble in sub-groups and continue the information exchange.