2019 July 13 Saturday

Dialogue with Management and CSOs/NGOs (Open to CSOs/NGOs only)

Conference de Presse (Salle C), ECCL

• A direct channel for the Bank’s senior management to engage with Civil Society Organizations/Non-Governmental Organizations.
• This event is part of the Bank’s commitment to inclusiveness and transparency in its policy formulation and project development and implementation.
• AIIB’s management, through the dialogue, will better understand the environmental and social aspects of the Bank’s current policies and projects from a CSO/NGO perspective.


Engagement with CSO/NGOs is essential in the Bank’s development, as they provide valuable input to the Bank’s policies and projects, given their knowledge of broad development trends and local environmental conditions and social settings. Building on lessons learned from previous years, CSO engagement in 2019 has increased and deepened. Besides engaging with CSOs in lead-up meetings in Berlin and London, the Annual Meeting in Luxembourg will see expanded interaction.

This Dialogue with Management and CSOs/NGOs session is the Bank's direct channel for senior management to interactively communicate with CSO and NGOs. This will be supplemented by other CSO-related engagements with various departments of the Bank.