2019 July 12 Friday

Roundtable for Improving ESG Performance in Infrastructure (Open Event)

Salle E, ECCL


  • Engage interested industrial associations, their construction & infrastructure company members, bilateral Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), and other key partners on how to support the implementation of international environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards in infrastructure projects.



In the Asian infrastructure space, one group of important players is the large and competitive construction and infrastructure companies. They compete for and implement major infrastructure projects through Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts. These companies come primarily from Asian countries including China, Korea, Japan, and Turkey, and they are competent, financially strong, and globally active outside their home countries. There are also European firms that are active in the Asia region including, from Spain, Germany, the UK and France.


Recently, there has been a growing trend for large EPC contractors in the region to also seek investor stakeholder opportunities in project financing. This trend will have a significant impact on the development of project-financing in Asia. Firms with EPC capabilities and financial capacity now have more opportunity to benefit from collaborating with multinational companies and financiers. MDBs should now see them as potential investor sources for crowding in private sector financing and explore new modalities of engagement.


Among these infrastructure investors, there has been a growing willingness to adopt high ESG standards. Some industrial associations have been capturing the trend to provide support to promote sustainable infrastructure standards and practices, including the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA). Meanwhile, sustainable infrastructure is also an important sector covered by many bilateral DFIs, including GIZ and DFID.


MDBs can act as a bridge between investors, financiers and other stakeholders to support implementation of international ESG standards. AIIB is organizing this roundtable with the aim of achieving a shared understanding of and recommended actions for implementing international ESG standards in  infrastructure projects. 


Discussion Topics

  • What are the lessons learned about how to promote and incentivize improved ESG performance in infrastructure projects, e.g. standards, financial incentives, capacity building, awards and self-motivation?
  • What are the interests and efforts of the invited associations from China, Turkey and Korea to promote improved ESG performance in infrastructure projects?
  • What practical mechanisms could be established to connect MDBs, bilateral DFIs, industrial associations and their member companies to work together on delivering sustainable infrastructure projects?
  • What are the comments and suggestions on how AIIB and partner institutions could better play their role in promoting high quality infrastructure investments?


  • Moderated roundtable discussion.
  • The Roundtable will be open to all annual meeting participants as observers.


Basar Arioglu

Board Member, Turkish Contractors Association

Mr. Başar Arıoğlu is currently the chairman of YapıMerkezi Construction, the flagship of the group. He has hands on experience in the management of large-scale projects like Izmir Metro, Dubai Metro and Doha Metro. He was one of the leaders of the Eurasia Tunnel Project, a 1.3 b BOT Project involving a 5.5 km undersea tunnel. Currently, he is board member in 3.6 b USD Canakkale Bridge Project, the longest span bridge in the world. YapıMerkezi Construction (1.3 b turnover) has projects in Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Senegal and Turkey. Mr. Arioglu is a graduate of MIT (‘89 BS and ’91 MS both Civil Engineering). He is the current Honorary Consul General of Slovenia in Istanbul and member of the board of directors of Turkish Contractors Association.

Philippe Dessoy

President, European International Contractors


Philippe Dessoy is the General Manager for Business Development at  BESIX Group since November 2013. He has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa and he was instrumental in expanding Six Construct and BESIX Group activities in the Middle East. Mr. Dessoy has helped the Group into becoming one important player on the contracting activities. Major contracts won include works on the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the world’s tallest structure. Mr. Dessoy joined the EIC Board in 2014 and was elected EIC President in April 2015. In  this capacity, he has represented EIC at numerous occasions, including meetings with the World Bank, the AIIB, the African Development Bank and the EBRD, and has developed the collaboration with EIC’s Asian counterparts CHINCA, OCAJI and ICAK. He also represents EIC on the Board of the European Construction Federation, FIEC, and on the Board of the Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations, CICA. Mr. Dessoy graduated in civil engineering from the University of Brussels, Belgium,  in 1983. 

Mike Enskat

Head of Infrastructure, GIZ


Dr. Mike Enskat is Head of Section for Energy, Water and Mobility in the Department for Sectoral and Global Programmes at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). In his position, he provides leadership to GIZ’s global programmes in the field of sustainable infrastructure. He is advising different ministries of the Federal German Government in their involvement with international organisations such as the EU, World Bank, UN, IRENA and others in the relevant sectors.
Mike Enskat leads a team of about 120 international professionals in the fields of energy, water and mobility. He is a frequent speaker on issues related to sustainable infrastructure at international meetings and conferences.
Mike Enskat holds a Master degree in European and International Politics from the University of Edinburgh and a doctoral degree from the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

Qiuchen Fang

Chairman, China International Contractors Association


Mr. Fang Qiuchen has worked in Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM, the then MOFTEC) for a long time and served as Vice Mayor of City Botou of Hebei Province. He has served successively as Researcher, Director, Deputy Director General of the Department of Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation, Commercial Counsellor and Deputy Director-General of the Department of American and Oceanian Affairs of MOFCOM respectively. He has held diplomatic posts as Third Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, First Secretary in Brunei Darussalam, Economic and Commercial Counsellor in Macedonia, and Minister Counsellor in Indonesia. Since April 2015, Mr. Fang took the position as Chairman of China International Contractors Association.

Yee Ean Pang

Director General of Investment Operations II, AIIB


Pang leads Investment Operations II: Energy and Urban. Prior to joining AIIB, he was CEO of Surbana Consultants and group chief operating officer of Surbana Jurong, a consultancy firm for urbanization, industry and infrastructure. Before Surbana, Pang held senior positions at Ascendas where Pang was, among others, senior vice president in charge of real estate funds. He was also stationed in India with Ascendas, managing the North India and Hyderabad operations and focusing on industrial park development. He also cofounded Abecha, an e-business joint venture between JTC Corporation, Microsoft and SESAMi. He began his career as an electrical project engineer in JTC Corporation. Pang is a national of Singapore.

Young Wan Song

Vice Chairman, International Contractors Association of Korea


· Vice Chairman, International Contractors Association of Korea (2017~)

· Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Austria and

Permanent Representative to the International Organizations

in Vienna (2014~2016)

· Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Seattle, WA, USA (2011)



Sachin Vankalas

General Manager, LuxFLAG

Shaofeng Wang

Deputy Chief Economist, China Three Gorges Corporation


Dr. Wang Shaofeng is the Deputy Chief Economist of China Three Gorges Corporation(CTG). He has long been committed to construction, operation and management of China’s overseas hydropower projects, and has worked with his team on the front lines of projects in the Maldives, Pakistan and Nepal, alleviating local power shortages by bringing a steady flow of electricity and light to the local people. He is well versed in brand building of international power enterprises, project development, risk control and safety management. He is an expert in the field of global hydropower projects and has participated, witnessed, and spearheaded many overseas hydropower projects developed by Chinese hydropower companies.

Yoshihiro Yamaguchi

Chief Executive Director, COO, The Overseas Construction Association of Japan Inc

Mr. Yoshihiro 

“Yoshi” Yamaguchi is Chief Executive Director, COO of the Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc. “OCAJI”. Since entering into the Ministry of Construction, he handled variety of works as a Government Official of The Japanese Government, especially as the director for the infrastructure development policies in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “MLIT”. Among others, he was Director General of Policy Planning at Kyoto Government, the First Secretary to the Japanese Mission to the EU at Brussels in Belgium as a diplomatic attache, and the President of the Policy Research Institute of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “PRI” in MLIT. He joined OCAJI in 2013 and has been serving in current position. Since that time, he has been leading OCAJI aiming the development and advancement of Japanese construction industry in its international operations.

Quan Zheng

Director General, Strategy, Policy and Budget, AIIB


Zheng oversees development and implementation of AIIB’s strategies and operational policies including environmental, social and procurement policies. She leads coordination on investment project screening and programming, manages AIIB’s Project Preparation Special Fund, leads AIIB’s annual business plan preparation and manages corporate budget development and implementation. She served in a variety of leadership capacities at China’s Ministry of Finance and as Chair of the G20 Infrastructure and Investment Working Group in 2016 during the Chinese G20 presidency.



Ian Nightingale

Procurement Advisor, AIIB


Over 30 years of procurement experience in both international development and private sector operations

Currently the Procurement Advisor for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank based in Beijing. Formerly he was procurement Lead Specialist with the World Bank  in Beijing and Washington. Prior to joining the World Bank, he was the Deputy Director of Procurement at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development based in London. His experience spans a wide and varied range of procurement related activities including:

  •          assessing project procurement delivery strategy and risk
  •          procurement of large value and complex contracts for construction works and plant and equipment.
  •          supply chain management of high volume/low value goods and commodities
  •          procurement in fragile and conflict affected states and emergency situations
  •          the development and implementation of procurement policy and reform.
  •          development of standard tender documentation

Countries/ regions of work experience:

China, USA, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asia