2019 July 13 Saturday

Mobilize Finance for Circular Economy Transitions - Host Country Seminar (Open Event)

Conferences 2, ECCL


  • Highlight the importance of finance in accelerating the transition process to a circular economy
  • Show the opportunities that such projects can create for our economies and investors.



While the linear model of economic development of “take, make and dispose” will undoubtedly reach its limits soon, the global community has started to discuss alternative economic concepts seeking to induce the necessary transformation of our production and consumption patterns. In this context, the circular economy has emerged as a viable alternative, thus drawing attention of policy makers, business communities, academics as well as citizens.


Although there is no internationally agreed definition of the term “circular economy”, circular projects are meant to secure, protect and even restore natural resources by carefully managing material flows. To do this, products, business processes and models need to be rethought. Despite the growing realization of the importance of the circular economy, limited progress has been accomplished to turn the concept into reality. Numerous barriers, including the aspects linked to the financing of these projects, are still hampering the process to scale up.


Discussion Topics

  • What is the role of the financial services industry in the transition towards a circular economy? What are the opportunities that the circular economy can offer to the financial sectors?
  • What are the main obstacles that need to be overcome ?
  • What is the role of international financial institutions and Governments in accelerating the transition by facilitating access to finance?
  • What risk sharing instruments are required to ensure continuity of circular economy investments?
  • What are the recommendations to financial institutions?


Session format

  • Introductory speech
  • High-level panel discussion
  • Audience Q&A



Shiva Dustdar

Head of Division Innovation Finance Advisory, European Investment Bank


Shiva heads the Innovation Finance Advisory Division in the EIB.She has been at the EIB since 2003,first in Risk Management,then in its Lending Directorate financing higher risk,innovative projects before joining the Advisory Services Department.Before EIB,Shiva was Director of High Yield at Fitch Rating Agency developing its European High Yield rating business and worked in the M&A Advisory and Emerging Markets Investment Banking Group at J.P.Morgan in New York and London.Shiva holds a BA in Economics from Columbia University and an Executive MBA from London Business School(LBS).In 2000,Shiva co-founded the European High Yield Association (EHYA),which is now part of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe(AFME).In 2006,Credit Magazine nominated Shiva to its Top 50 Women in Credit

Jan Grimbrandt

CEO/Chairman, Boson Energy SA


Jan Grimbrandt and BOSON ENERGY are rolling out the next generation of clean small-scale waste-to-energy solutions that relieve critical urban stress and builds urban autonomy and resilience. BOSON ENERGY’s technology transforms mixed local waste into power, heat, and GHG-free thermal cooling for direct local use with no toxic residues. This substantially reduces stress from pollution, transportation, water-use, land-use, cooling – with a 100% SDGs approach. Jan has already built and sold two industrial clean-tech startups to SIEMENS AG and Nalco respectively.


Stephen Lintner

Independent Advisor, AIIB


Dr. Lintner has over 40 years of worldwide experience in the assessment and management of environmental and social risks and impacts, and integration of this knowledge into decision making. He is currently the Senior Environmental and Social Advisor of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) where he helps to ensure integration of environmental and social principles into AIIB’s investments in sustainable infrastructure, enhanced cross-border connectivity and private capital mobilization in Asia. During his tenure at the World Bank, from 1988 to 2014, Dr. Lintner held leadership roles in a range of environmental and social policy, strategy and technical activities, serving as the Bank’s Senior Technical Advisor and earlier as the Advisor for Freshwater, Coastal and Marine Resources Management. Dr. Lintner holds a Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University (USA).

Massimiano Tellini

Global Head - Circular Economy, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center


Economist by training, investment banker by practice, opportunity maker by vocation, Massimiano carries out his activity reporting directly to the GM of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. Graduated in economics in Italy, he completed an MBA in Asia, he then perfected his own training on the topics of innovation and strategic management, obtaining a post MBA Master's degree at Yale University (USA). As an innovator, he is committed to finding distinctive solutions to support businesses, territories and communities in the challenge for the affirmation of a sustainable competitiveness and capable of creating shared and lasting well-being.He is committed at stimulating a collective change in line with the challenges of the future that awaits us with a systemic vision and impact capacity

Yun Yang

Program Officer, ICLEI East Asia


Yvonne has devoted herself to supporting cities being circular.
She aims to facilitate global cities in East Asia and worldwide shifting towards the circular economy. With her interdisciplinary background in climate action, spatial planning, and economics, Yvonne has a particular interest in integrating different schools of thoughts to solve  urban challenges. Her working and academic experience in Europe and Asia contribute to communicating stakeholders across continents.
Yvonne joined ICLEI East Asia in 2017 to initiate the "Green Circular Cities Coalition". To further facilitate cities learning from peers and frontrunners, the Coalition organises capacity building activities for local government officials. The Coalition builds networks and inspires circular urban innovation.



Christian Tock

Director sustainable technologies, Ministry of the Economy